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Red, 2023. Charlotte Richardson-Deppe. Video. Performers: Gwyneth Blair, Lisa Dang, Sarah Gnolek, Amanda Murphy, Charlotte Richardson-Deppe, Kat Ritzman, Jill Stauffer, Allie Wallace, Jackie Wang.

Supported by the Clarvit Endowed Faculty Research Fund.

In the game “Human Knot,” you stick your hands in the middle of a circle, grab the hands of others, then work together to untangle. This nine-person garment extends and complicates the game, adding legs into the equation and allowing for the possibility of tension—a person can lean into the stretch of sleeve between two others.


In this process, giddy merriment and the laser focus of a pack of people focused on a task were equally present—laughing when someone fell, but then working hard to pull them back up.

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