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Blue, 2023. Charlotte Richardson-Deppe. Soft-sculpture and performance. Photographs by Mark Williams.

Performed with Mary Kathryn Ford in the Cafritz Foundation Theater at the Clarice Center for Performing Arts. Supported by the Jim Henson Award for Puppetry. 

Outside: otherworldly blue limbs on a form of vaguely human proportions, the humanness obscured even as you slowly realize that the limbs are exceedingly human, all elbows and knees, collars and necks, made from sweatshirts of all shades of blue.


Inside: I am wearing a morph suit, thin synthetic fabric stretched tightly over my whole body and face. Countless limbs weigh me down on all angles. I breathe, working to stay upright. If I fall, no harm will come to me, surrounded as I am in soft, pliable arms. But I am deeply alone in a structure I can’t get in or out of by myself. I am removed from the world, separate but surrounded by limbs. Cradled but sequestered, enmeshed but apart from. Insulated, but isolated.

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