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“Absolutely unmixed attention is prayer.” — Simone Weil, Gravity and Grace

If prayer is an instance of sustained attention then is cleaning not prayer? A steadfast devotion to keeping things up, taking care, giving love to? In the hyperspeed capitalist attention economy we live in, our attention as a commodity is of immense value (Odell 11). Is not cleaning, then, or mending, maintenance, or care work, a most precious and resistant redirection of our time? A commitment to nurture the old, not buy the new: to re-new that which already exists through sustained attention (prayer). “The cult of the new” will always be sold to us (Cwynar, Soft Film). How can we divest?


 "Darn It" is the overarching name for the work I created in the fall and winter of 2021. The work is a collection of sculptures, performances, writings, and photographs, all thematically united. In these works, I am preoccupied with the way that memories, relationships, and emotions are embedded in the cloth and clothing that humans surround ourselves with. Who we are and how we live is mirrored in the textiles that we wear and use daily. Following in the lineage of many feminist textile artists, these works are an assertion that the domestic is art is labor is meaningful. As time wore on, my studio experiments and writing fragments cohered into many sides of some w(hole); many ways of considering care, pain, loss, love, rest, desire, entanglement, memorial, and personal a/effects; all through fiber, textile, clothing, and cloth.

This work exists in several forms—as an in person installation, a written essay with accompanying images, and here as a menu of pages on this website. Feel free to navigate this space in any way you please—if you'd like to have one continuous experience of it all, I would suggest going in order down the drop-down menu from this page—beginning with "Sock Darning and Hole Making" continuing to "From 'Dernen'," etc. If you would prefer to read this entire work as a PDF document, you can download that here or read it below. 

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