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Auras. Steel, wire, thread. 2018. Installation view in Bachelor of Arts Exhibition at the Faulconer Gallery at Grinnell College. Henley Best in Show Prize Winner. 

Re-bound. Steel, plastic bags. 2017. 

This is a performance created for an audience of one. When the audience came down the stairs, I began by gesturing for my audience member to take off their shoes. I then washed their hands first in warm, soapy water, and then in a cooler rinsing basin. I led them into a structure I had created underneath the stairs, with walls and floors of fabric. Inside the structure they sat on a mattress, and chose an inch of a ruler I had snapped apart, and a color of thread. I then wrapped their arms in the thread they chose, in the same figure eight wrapping technique I use in my metal sculptures. Bound from elbow to wrist in thread, they watched as I measured out my arm, swabbed it with alcohol, and tattooed myself with a dot corresponding to the inch number they had chosen. I then cut the thread binding them, took them by the hand and led them out of my structure, giving them the piece of the ruler they had chosen as a parting gift.

Anne and I created Shelf Life together as an exploration of the material juxtapositions between handmade paper and found plastic items. Plastic is often packaging, and is often thrown away, whereas handmade paper is a labor intensive and therefore precious item. We wrapped found plastic items, including condoms, pill bottles, toys, cosmetics, and packaging, in handmade paper, with the paper acting as the packaging for the plastic items. We filled the Smith Gallery with 287 of these items, on handmade wooden shelves and metal hooks, to create the atmosphere of a grocery store or pharmacy. This piece explores consumerism and the longevity of the items that we keep or throw away– paper decomposes or recycles easily, whereas plastic has a nearly infinite shelf life.

Circle Composition. Steel, wire thread, cloth. 2018.

Auras. Steel, wire, thread. 2018. Original installation in Grinnell College football field stadium.

Prairie. Plexiglass, prairie grass. 2018. Installed in the Smith Gallery in the Joe Rosenfield Center at Grinnell College in the show "50135 to 50112."